Will Smart Lipo Help Reveal 6-pack Abs?

Will Smart Lipo help revealing 6-pack abs and give the "ripped look" to a male given the facts that his BMI is 22 and his body fat is around 15% and a small portion of his upper abs muscle is already visible?

Also, I'm 22 years old, have been maintaining healthy eating habits and exercising for awhile and I'm already at my normal weight, but I still have love handles and a layer of fat above my abs muscle. My goal is to reach a body fat around 10%. Is this possible with Smart Lipo under a skilled a doctor, if not, are there any possible solutions? Thank you. : )

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Liposuction will help reveal what is underneath

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I think that whether you have Smartlilpo, Vaser lipo, tumescent lipo, or a combination of these, there are limits to all. Liposuction will thin the tissues around the abdomen and love handle areas, and it will make the muscles underneath more visible. It does not, however, guarantee that there is a six-pack underneath. Only a lot of abdominal exercises guarantee a six-pack.

There is a procedure which I do not perform, where some etching is done on the abdomen to simulate a six-pack. My only concern with that is that, even if it looks good when you are 22 years old, there is no way to predict what that etching will do as you age.

Talk over all the options with your doctor. They should be able to show you a few before and after pictures of men and their abdominal results. Good luck in your search.

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