Uneven Stomach Swelling After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo done this last February. I'm happy with the results, but my only concern is that my stomach doesn't seem to be even. I already got my 9 massages as the doctor adviced me, but has been 4 months already and the area around my belly button seems a little bigger than the rest of my stomach. My doctor said it's inflamed but I've seem other people that after 2 weeks, their stomach was completely flat. I have been concerned with it for sometime. Is this going to resolve?

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Unevenness can be something that happens after liposuction

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It is a bit late to be having swelling in my opinion. If you are experiencing it still, this may be your final result. This may mean that you have deposits of fat that were left or 'transplanted' to that area. I advise all my patients to be very careful in the healing process as it is very easy to move unsuctioned fat to the areas where tight clothing directs it. Your surgeon should be honest with you and tell you if it is there for good or not. Good luck.

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