What to Do with Lumps on Abdomen After Smart Lipo?

I'm male, 38 years old, almost 4 months post op. I had almost 900cc's of fat removed from my abdomen and need to know if the waviness I have in my stomach will go away?

I seem to lump up during the day and look good in the moring when I am getting out of bed. I am real concerend that I screwed my stomach up. Do I have a way to go as far as healing is concerned?

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Smartlipo and lumpiness

Since you are now 4 months out from Smartlipo, the results you have may be permanent. If this is still some residual swelling, then this will probably improve. But if you have irregularities that are do to having areas that were either over treated or under treated, then I would follow-up with your doctor to be re-evaluated.

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