Smart Lipo Scars - Tender and Oozing 7 Months Post-op?

I Had Smart Lip 7 Months Ago. I Am Having Problems with my Scars Healing. My scar had healed, then started to get tender and oozed liquid.

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Scars should be well healed 7 months after surgery.

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Your scars should be well healed 7 months after surgery.  There may be either a spitting stitch (stitch abscess) trying to resolve its self, or for some reason you may have a small infection (very rare).

In either case you should return to your SmartLipo surgeon for evaluation.

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Smart lipo scars

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This is an unusual outcome.  I would return to your surgeon for a more thorough evaluation, but there are a few possibilities.  One of the first that comes to mind is a "stitch abscess".  This is an inflammatory response to sutures that may have been used to close the wound.  Any foreign material in tissue can provoke an inflammatory response or extrude itself from the skin.  It could also be a wound infection, but this is extremely unlikely 7 months following a procedure.

Jason Hess, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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