I Have Small, Hollow Eyes Following Eyelid Surgery. Will Sculptra in Cheeks Make Small Eyes More Pronounced?

I had a lower bleph done almost 8 months ago. The surgeon removed the undereye bags but I am left with hollowness and slightly smaller looking eyes. My eyes were rather small to begin with so I have not been thrilled with the results but am getting past it. Now, I wish to address the volume loss and sagging jowl area with Sculptra. I am nervous about it because I fear that volumizing the cheeks may make the hollowed lids look more pronounced and my eyes look even smaller. Any advise? Thank you

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It is difficult to really assess without seeing you in person or with a photo.  Sculptra is a great volumizer, however it should not be placed too close to the eye area.  

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Sculptra for cheeks after eyelid surgery

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This is a good question, but it is difficult to answer without seeing a photo.  My thinking is that it likely would be safe to proceed with Sculptra but it is difficult to say for sure.  Good luck!

Lawrence Kass, MD
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