What is the SMALLEST Double Eyelid Size You Can Get?

If someone wanted a mini fold - nothing dramatic, how small can it be made to ? .. My eyelids have been sagging as result of using eyelid tape a long time ago.. I want my eyes nice & bright again, but without much of a change. Thanks!

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Sagging lids

Sagging lids can be due to several things including too much skin, laxity in the muscle that raises the lid, too much fat, and sunken eyeballs due to atrophy of the fat in the orbit.  A moderate change can be achieved with careful surgery to address the nature of the problem.

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What is the SMALLEST Double Eyelid Size You Can Get?

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The smallest  double eyelid you can get is dependent on how close to the eyelashes, the incision is made.  If you are looking for the least change in your eyelid appearance, then this may or may not be what you are looking for, a lot will depend on your anatomy.  Your surgeon should be able to go over these details with you.

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Smallest double eyelid size by blepharoplasty

The smallest double eyelid size you can get is anywhere from 1-3 mm.  This will give a subtle improvement to the upper lids with a double eyelid fold.  

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Double Lid Surgery Fold Height

We can set the crease at the height that you would like.  However, when assessing the upper eyelids, we first start with the eyebrows and see if you need elevation of the eyebrows to improve your sagging upper eyelid skin.  Once the eyebrow is set at its appropriate position, then we can assess how much excess eyelid skin you have and can brighten up your eyes.  Best wishes in achieving your goals.

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Setting the upper eyelid fold

We can set your eyelid fold at almost any height above the lash base that you want.  This can be as small as zero (single fold) to as high as 8 to 10 mm.  For asian eyelids, a conservative 6 to 8mm is recommended.  Caucasian eyelids can be as high as the tarsal cartilage will support the anchor.  However, the number of millimeters is not as important as structural balance to create a beautiful eye.  This is where a detailed discussion with your artist/surgeon needs to take place.

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The best double fold surgeries are very subtle.

This is achieved by making a low crease incision and removing a small amount of eyelid skin with the purpose of exposing a small amount of the upper eyelid platform.  The crease should be fixed using anchor blepharoplasty methods.  Exactly how subtle surgery should be is the purpose of a personal consultation.  Careful study the surgeon's before and after photos and make sure they actually deliver the type of results you are looking for.

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