How to Get Smaller Breast with Lift and Implants?

After losing a lot of weight (nearly 70 pounds), I have saggy boobs. Before gaining weight, they were A cups and at my top I was a DD. They are B cups now and I'd like to stay that way or make them smaller B's because I am too short for such big breasts (I am 4'10'' and 112 pounds).

What size Breast implants would you recommend I get with my Breast lift? I don't want to gain any more volume, just not have them look so saggy!

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Breast lift and augmentation

Choosing the right implants for you really depends upon your anatomy and the discussion during consultation.  Sagging loose skin contributess to the choice as well as the chest wall diameter.  You possibly can have  a B cup.

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Augmentation mastopexy is a common but complex procedure.

IF you remove sufficient amounts of tissue with teh breast lift, you will benefit from the use of a modest sized implant in the range of 250-300 to achieve adequate upper fullness. However, this is a somewhat complex operation. Some surgeons prefer to perform it in two stages to more adequately predict the final outcome.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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How to choose the right breast implants

Choosing the right breast implant is a complicated procedure that must balance your body, aging or pregnancy changes, weight loss or gain, the width of your breasts, breast asymmetries and your own personal aesthetic desires. Thus, this is a question that can only be answered through a full and detailed consultation with a plastic surgeon. There is no "perfect" answer, and this decision must be individualized based upon a number of factors.

In your case, it appears that you will also need some form of a breast lift to restore you to a more youthful appearance. This complicates the issue even further. Thus, my recommendation is to have several consultations with plastic surgeons in your area and choose one that seems to best fit your realistic desires. It is possible to keep your breast size if an implant is added, as long as some of your existing breast tissue is removed.

Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Get smaller breasts with implants?

Dear Joe 123

I want to get the scenario right. You are relatively petit at 4'10'' tall and 112 pounds. You currently are wearing a B cup bra and have a lot of sagging skin. You want to stay the same size but want implants.

After a weight loss of that magnitude the problem I find is that patients have lost volume in their breasts and basically deflated. The reson you wear a B cup bra is probably because of excess skin that literally is filling up the bra. When I do a lift just by the nature of the skin removal and the breast reshaping there is a loss of volume of about 1/2 a cup size, sometimes a little more. I use the implant to give me a base to work around, minimize the amount of skin I need to remove (to minimize scars created) and to give volume to the deflatred breast.

Without examining you I can't tell you what size implants to use but it should be one that fits your base volume and maybe a little less than that. Combining the lift with implants will give you a perkier breast with central volume that will not only fill out your bra but add to the lift effect.

Good luck with the surgery should you decide to proceed.

Steven Schuster, MD, FACS
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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