Small Wrinkle Above Incision After Asian Eyelid Surgery (3 Days After) from Swelling?

I just got my stitches taken out after having asian eyelid surgery performed 3 days earlier. I noticed a small wrinkle form on my left eye above the incision area and am unsure if its from bad surgery or from the swelling. My doctor said that it is from the swelling, bruising and will go away, but my right eye doesn't have the small (noticeable) wrinkle. It on the inner area of my left eye a little bit above the incisioned area and I am just nervous that it may be permanent. Is this normal?

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Swelling after Asian eyelid surgery


Swelling and extra creases, folds, asymmetry can be present in the first week, even the second week.  Without a photo it's hard to say for sure but just be patient, most likely it will even out.  Typically if a little wrinkle or crease isn't going to even out you'll know by the third week or so.

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Asian eyelid

Double lid surgery in Asian eye lid swell significantly for a long time.

Therefore it is too early to tell, especially there is no photo.

Give it 12 weeks then if the third fold is still there then you may need another surgery to revise the double lid surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Asain Eyelid crease Surgery

Swelling 3 days after such a procedure is quite common.  Give it several weeks to settle in.  If the crease is still there at that point, let your surgeon re-evaluate the area.  Hope this helps.  Best Regards


Dr D.

Louis M. DeJoseph, MD
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