Small Suture Opening Under Breast. Shoud I Be Worried? (photos)

I had my breast lift 3 weeks ago, my doctor used stitches and I had them removed on week 2 and replaced with Demabond glue.. But after a few days I noticed this opening under my right breast. Did he take my stitches out too soon? He said that it should heal by itself since I get new stuitches due to the wetness inside and steri-strips wont work becaus the opening is too far apart, but I feel as if its getting bigger in size. Should I be worried about infection or other problems? Will it heal?

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Non healing breast scar wound.

An open area along the suture line at three weeks is probably a deep stitch that needs to come out. You probably  have many dissolvable deep stitches and this can happen to a few. It is known to plastic surgeons as "spitting out a stitch" and can happen to a healing scar anywhere on your body, breast and abdomen the most common sites. The wound needs to be probed and any stitch remnants removed which should solve the problem. 

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Suture Line Healing Problem after Breast lifting?

This type of superficial wound healing “problem” does occur occasionally after breast lifting surgery.  Sometimes these problems are related to a deeper suture;  sometimes removal of the suture allows for ongoing healing to occur.  Generally speaking, most patients go on to heal nicely without long-term sequelae.

 The important thing here is close/ frequent follow up with your plastic surgeon who is in a much better position to advise you accurately after direct examination.

Best wishes.

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Should I Be Worried?

From what I see in the photos, this is neither uncommon nor worrisome. However, it is rather important that your surgeon is in the loop. A follow up call and/or visit is in order.Thanks for the question and for the attached photos. Best wishes.

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Breast Lift and delayed healing

Following a breast lift, it is not unusual to have small areas of delayed healing. However I would advise to contact the original surgeon if the problem does not tend to improve. Looking at the photos there is also some degree of inflammation that might require redressing and if appropriate (swab), antibiotics to clear an underlying infection.

I am sure your surgeon will be happy to see you and advice you.

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