Small Seromas After Vaser Causing Pain

I had vaser on my abdomen, flanks and back 3 weeks ago. I have developed 3 small seromas on my lower abdomen. The doctor isn't exactly aspirating them the way I expected. She is just stabbing them repeatedly with a large needle and telling me it will drain on its own. Is it odd that she's not drawing out the fluid? And it doesn't seem to be helping, the fluid is still there and now I am bruised and in pain. Is there anything I can do to help with the draining? Can I take ibuprofen?

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Seroma care after liposuction

Seromas can occur after liposuction.  It is not that anything was done worng, it just happens.  A seroma is a collection of body fluid in areas that used to contain fat.  The areas are open like swiss cheese and need compression.  Compression does not always prevent seromas.  Seromas can occur from too much activity.  At any raate once you have them what to do?  There are big and little seromas.  Big seromas should be drained.  Drainage means the doctor pitas a needle into the seroma and withdraws the fluid.  This can be done once or several times and eventually the seroma disappears.  Sometimes seromas do not disappear and need surgical correction This is rare. I have not had a seroma need a surgical treatment in 30years of liposuction.  After drainage a girdle support is placed along with an abdominal binder.   This exercise may need to be repeated two or more times.   Seromas tend to be tender which is just the way it is.  Try Advil 400  every 8 hours  and this will help.   Seromas are just a part of healing.  It is your doctors responsibility to see they go as quick as possible.  Some seromas eventually become too small to drain.   When attempts to drain become a hit and miss event, it is best to bind up the abdomen and let them alone and compressed.   My Best,  Dr C

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Seroma post-operatively

Seromas which are present following liposuction should always be drained.  If left alone they can form a permanent cavity with fluid in it and they also cause marked inflammation in the area.  I always use drains following the operation to minimize seroma formation.  Seromas are the most common complication following liposuction especially if you are aggressive with fat removal and sculpting.  Seromas can be drained with an 18 gauge needle and if persistent need to have a drain placed.  Continue to follow up with you physician.

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