Very Small Seroma 1 Year out?

Hello - modified TT 1 year ago ( just skin), with small seroma (30 cc at max) left lower abdomen immed post-op which was treated successfully w/aspirations & compression. I am a bodybuilder & started working out too soon after surgery. New area below belly button & to right 4 months ago (dropped bodyfat). Repeatedly drained ~ 1-2cc & worn compression. Question: is not visible currently, but will it close completely this far post-op? Concerned about potential for reaccumulation and enlargement.

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Very Small #Seroma 1 Year out? #tummytuck ANS:

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A seroma can be a stubborn problem. Most of time they respond just to aspiration with a needle in the office and some compression. Rarely do they need more drastic measures like surgery or ablation. If you cannot see it, especially being lean as you probably are for competition, then I suspect it is gone and will not come back....If it becomes visible, then you may need the more aggressive treatments!

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 Since it been so long since your surgery you need to follow up with your surgeon to assure yourself you are healing as you should be.

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