Small/saggy Breast at Age 21. Options to Breast Lift Without Cutting Areola?

I am pretty young, only 21 years old. I have smaller, saggy breasts and I am considering getting a breast lift but i'm not sure what specific kind that I should get for the best results. I do not want fake breast. I know with a breast lift, your breast shrink, I also wanted to know about how small (with a lift) would my breast be. I am really worried about getting scarring. Is there any way of lifting my breast without cutting the areolas? Is this a procedure for me?

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Elevating the nipple is fundamental to all breast lifting techniques

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Hi there-

Because one of the main things that makes a breast look saggy is the position of the nipple and the direction it is pointing (that is, downward), restoring the nipple and areola to a more attractive and elevated position and orientation is a very important part of any breast lift.

In order to create this more attractive nipple position, an incision around the nipple is always necessary.

It is NOT, however, always necessary that it be conspicuous or ugly.

Find the best surgeon you can- someone whose results demonstrate the skill and experience necessary to achieve your goals with an acceptable scar. Worry less about the "how", and worry more about the "who", and your chances of being safe and happy will be higher.

Small/saggy Breast at Age 21. Options to Breast Lift Without Cutting Areola?

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Almost no tissue (less than a tablespoon per side) is removed by most brast lift technique, so there should be no loss of volume. But the lifted breast may appear smaller than the same breast sagging. For a self-demonstration, lift one arm overhead, then alternate. This simulates a lift, and in most patients lifting one arm at a time, the breast on that side looks smaller, even though nothing has been removed. 

You would do best to discuss your questions with a plastic surgeon, and to look at photos of scars from breast lift. Then you will be in good position to  decide whether the improvement is worth the scars. All the best, 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Small/saggy Breast at Age 21. Options to #BreastLift Without Cutting Areola? ANS:

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It seems like you do need a lift but the question for you is when. At 21 you may not want to venture into this right now, with childbirth and possible weight change in the future. It is just a question of if you would feel more comfortable at your age and dating with scars or the look you have now.

Is a Breast Lift Right For You?

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Hello. From your picture you look like a good candidate for a breast lift. Unfortunately, there is no way to lift the breast without cutting the areola, but you may find that some scarring is worth the results. I would recommend a consultation with a plastic surgeon to find out if this procedure is right for you.


Jaime Perez, MD
Breast Lift Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

Options for breast lift without cutting the areola

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There there is no good way to do an adequate lift without some type of scar...most plastic surgeons would say that a better shape with a scar is generally preferred by women over larger breasts that are sagging.  A small implant could minimize the scar, but you would still need to have one around your areolas.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift/Breast Implants - Which One Will Work For Me?

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There are so many variables, the only possible answer is an in office consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (Tampa, Florida has lots of good Board Certified plastic surgeons). 


The answer to your question all depends on the relationship of your nipple areolar complex to the fold beneath your breasts.  Also, one would have to take into consideration the fact that your left nipple is lower than your right, and this may determine what technique your surgeon would ultimately use.  Sometimes lowering the fold through an armpit (transaxillary) incision can raise the breast and nipple along with an internal DUAL PLANE MASTOPEXY.  If this combination of procedures is determined to be right for you, this can be an almost scarless procedure. 


On the other hand, I agree with one of the earlier responders that the circumareolar or BENELLI MASTOPEXY could give you an excellent result with minimal scarring, reduction in your areolar equalizing the position of your nipple areolar complexes, and if there is any asymmetry in the size of your two breasts, these can be balanced by different size implants.


WOW - that's a lot to take in.  All this information plus more will be given to you during your consultation with one of the great Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in the Tampa/Clearwater area.   

Procedure for breasts

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It is difficult to make any recommendations with the photo you posted and without a physical exam.  If you are seeking fuller volume and cleavage, perhaps all you would need would be a breast augmentation.  If indeed you have additional sagging, then a lift may be needed.  Please visit a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to learn more about your options.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

Breast issues

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If you want more volume then you need an implant. If you want the areola and breasts to have a similar shape then you need some sort of a lift and therefore incisions on the breasts.

Periareolar lift can give excellent results

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Breasts that are fairly dense and have a mild degree of sag can be lifted very effectively with a periareolar lift with or without implants.

An incision around the areola is necessary for this procedure.  A mild amount of lift can be achieved with a smaller incision but the result may not be as durable.

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

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