Small, Red Bump 2.5 Months Post Rhinoplasty: Is it Due to Too Much Massage and is it Temporary?

I think I caught myself in a catch-22 because as I was massaging my nose (as instructed) after the cast initially came off, I think I went overboard and might have irritated it, causing a swelling/small hump that I keep pushing down on my dorsum (making it worse). I saw my doctor a week ago and he said it looks fine and to leave it alone. I am going to avoid putting pressure the next few days and see what happens, and then call if it doesn't seem to be going down. Does this temporary to you?

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The small red bump on your bridge after Rhinoplasty Surgery will likely continue to improve.

I read your concern and reviewed your photos:

Since the area has become red and gotten worse with manipulation, it will likely settle down in a few weeks. I'm presuming you don't have an onlay graft (cartilage, GoreTex, silicone) that could loook red from infection.

You may want to ask your surgeon if he thinks a dilute steroid injection might be helpful. My hunch is that this will improve and you will not require further surgery.

I hope this is helpful for you.


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Small, Red Bump 2.5 Months Post Rhinoplasty: Is it Due to Too Much Massage and is it Temporary?

Thanks for the photos STOP the massages NOW!! Allow this area to settle for at least a month. You may need steroid injection also. See your surgeon for care!

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Red bump over bridge after rhinoplasty

If you can feel a lump under the reddened skin, there may be a small bit of bone under the skin by the bridge that was not smoothed away during the rasping of the bridge. Don't push on the area to let the redness subside, and if the bump persists it may need to be smoothed out at a later date.

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