Small Pocket? Breast Implant Movement Acting Like Memory Foam?

My left saline implant took 7-8 weeks to drop. After dropping I noticed when massaging, it takes a few seconds to return to its position. Like a memory foam. What could b causing this?

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Implants drop slowly.

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Thanks for your post. What you are describing does not sound particularly worrisome, however, since I cannot examine you there is no way for me to make a diagnosis. At 8 weeks from surgery, the breast tissue and pocket may still just be a  little tight. Talk this over with your PS and best wishes. Dr. Aldo.

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Pocket issues after breast augmentation surgery

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Some questions are easier to answer without a breast exam. Your question is more difficult without a physical exam that would allow the surgeon to visually inspect what you are seeing after you perform breast massage. There can be many issues and variables so I would recommend that you schedule a follow-up with your surgeon and show them exactly what you are experiencing.

Antonio Gayoso, MD
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Breast Implant Pocket Issue

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Thank you for the question. Your breast pocket could be too small. It would be best to return to your surgeon for an exam to fully diagnosis the problem.

Memory Foarm

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Thank you for your question.  Without a physical examination it is difficult to explain what you are describing.  It could be related to swelling, differences in preop breast size and shape, pocket, or position.  I would recommend discussing this matter further with your surgeon at your next visit to gain a better understanding. All the best.

Small Pocket? Breast Implant Movement Acting Like Memory Foam?

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    Yes, that could be a small or tight pocket.  This could be the result of differing muscle strengths or slight chest wall asymmetry.  Very difficult to know without having known exactly what was done, your preoperative anatomy, and how you look now.  You could consider additional release, but this should be evaluated based upon current symmetry.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Pocket issue?

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If your implants are not moving easlity, the pocket may be a bit tight. Best to discuss this with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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