I have a mall lump on one side of my tip. Could it be left over excess cartilage? (Photo)

Overall I'm quite happy of the outcome from a septorhinoplasty that was performed 4 years ago. I've noticed, however that seems to be a slight asymmetry of my tip, that appears more noticeable from flash photography photos and standing in fluorescent lighting. I have included some photos, one with flash enabled and the other without. Unfortunately I have been working abroad for the last few years and hopefully after receiving your opinions, maybe approach the same surgeon for a tip revision? Tom

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Nasal Tip Asymmetry

Thank you for your questions and for sending photos. I'm happy that you are pleased with your result. Close up wide angle images are usually the least flattering for noses, but your photos do show the tip very well. The good news is that I cannot detect any noticeable asymmetry in the tip. That's not to say there isn't an asymmetry. It is natural for all of us to notice features on ourselves that aren't readily apparent to others.

As a general rule I tell potential patients that "if the problem doesn't jump out at me," then we shouldn't operate. You should return to your surgeon and discuss this with him or her.  

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