Small Lumps on my Nose After Rhinoplasty- What's This?

I have recently noticed that my nose now has 2 small lumps after my rhinoplasty which I had 5 weeks ago in Russia. They are very hard and my nose has become crooked as well. I really do not know why they have all of a sudden appeared. They are very small and hard, almost like a spot. Please help me

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It is normal if 5 weeks out

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Photos would help see what your concerns are.  However, it is normal to feel bumps 5 weeks out from surgery.  If this is something that you see (as opposed to something you feel) then it might be that you would need to speak to your surgeon.  However, this might be something that may go away (scar tissue) and only time will tell.

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Lumps after rhinoplasty

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Pictures would be helpful. Were any implants used in your surgery? Osteotomies(cutting of the nasal bones) to reposition them is a common maneuver in rhinoplasty. Bones then heal by forming a callous which can cause a raised area. This is prevented by proper casting and then with massages after the cast is removed. Occasionally small amounts of steroid injection into this area are needed to soften and settle them. If cartilage graft were used they can shift if not sutured in to place properly. This also can cause a bump in that area. I would suggest you visit your surgeon or if not possible, then consult a facial plastic surgeon in your area.

Von Graham, MD
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