Mini Facelift Vs Injectable Fillers to Fix Small Lips and Big Cheeks

Please help!I'm over everybody trying to sell me procedures that don't work and just want to know what will. What is best for me? I have very small lips (I've had the fat transfer to my lips twice - didn't work); and have bigger cheeks.

I would like a natural slimmer face so I don't see so much cheek when I smile. I am 35 but I'm told I look late 20s. I would love wider lips if possible and thicker too. At the moment, using restylene to plump. Is a mini facelift the go? What is? Cheers.

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Need pictures to evaluate your face.

It is impossible to make specific comments about your face without seeing pictures. What are full cheeks to you may be something entirely different aesthetically to me as a plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

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MiniLift or Facelift for Facial Sculpting / Rejuvenating

It is impossible to tell without seeing pictures or evaluating you in person. You are young (35) so not likely that you would need a facelift or minilift unless you have premature jowls and heaviness in the lower face. Facelifts or minilifts are for reshaping or repositioning cheeks and jowls that have slipped or sagged lower on the face.   The "cheeky" smile that you describe may be reduced or sculpted with other smaller procedures, but again careful evaluation is needed.These lifts will not and should not change the shape or structure of your lips. If you have failed 2 fat transfers then I would suggest sticking with the hyaluronic acid fillers such as restylane or juvederm to get the fullness and correction that you desire.

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
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