Have Small Light Pink Rash On Right Breast?

i have had silicone breast implants 34 years now. never a problem. now they are still soft and natural but i can feel on right breast when i fles some of the implant. . i do not no if they have ruptured or leaked still look the same it is just the rash bothering me. and it is very small. but i have a phobia with health. my breast have sagged. but i,am 69 now get regular mammograms special way for my breast implants. what i want to know what could rash be? can i leave implants in ifleaked.

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Breast rash and silicone breast implants

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I agree with Dr Pousti, although the rash on your breast may be benign one can't rule out a more serious situation without a clinical exam.  If the rash persists a small biopsy may be required to make the diagnosis.  With regard to your silicone gel implants, if they have been in for 34 years, there is a significant chance that they may be ruptured or leaking.  An MRI scan should be done and if the implants are leaking they should be removed and/or replaced. 

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Concerned about Rash on Breast?

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Thank you for the question.

I think you will be best served by clinical evaluation by a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Otherwise it is not possible to give you a precise diagnosis of the “rash”. MRI evaluation of the 34-year-old silicone breast implants is also indicated. Otherwise it  may not be possible to rule out a “silent leakage” of the silicone gel breast implants.

Best wishes.

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