Small Indented Scar with Rigid Walls on the Shaft of my Penis. Would Fraxel Re:pair Work?

I have a small indented scar with rigid walls on the shaft of my penis. This happened approximately six months ago. I would like to have a Fraxel re:pair laser resurfacing on this small area. Is this an option? I was told that a Dr. in my area would consider it when I made an appointment at a local clinic, but I'm not sure he actually will. Another doctor suggested the scar could be excised. I just don't want to do anything that will make the matter worse. Advice is being sought. Thanks.

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Fraxel for small indented scar

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  This question is impossible to answer without seeing you in person.  This likely explains why no one else replied.  My gut tells me that your results with excision will be superior to Fraxel but I cannot say for sure.  Good luck!

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