Small B I Got 300 Cc Saline over the Muscle What Size Should I Be?

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300 cc Implants and Size Concerns

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    In general, 200 cc to 250 cc increases in volume tend to produce a one cup size improvement.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

Bra Cup Size after Breast Augmentation?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. There is no direct correlation between breast implant size and resulting cup size. As you can imagine, there are many variables involved.

When the time is right, you will be able to be fitted for an appropriate bra.

 Enjoy the results of the surgery, regardless of the cup size!

Breast Implant Bra size

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I like to have my patients try implants in a bra in the office over their natural breasts to nicely predict bra size. Bra size can vary depending on the brand bra and how many inches around the bra is. For example, a 36 B is the same size as a 34 C. The most important part is that you are happy with the look of your breast implants, and that you like them in proportion to your height and frame size. Many patients are happy with a full c cup size. 

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