Small Hole Opened and Bled 1 Month Post Otoplasty in the Bottom of the Incision Line?

Small,tender red-blue lump started to develop four days ago in the bottom of the wound,perpendicular to incision,just under the skin.In the middle there was a small area of thin skin.I cleaned it with peroxide and octenisept.Yesterday,I applied pressure with gauze on it and it burst and bled a little,leaving a 1 mm hole.Blood was bright red.I started to apply antibiotic ointment today,hole looks smaller,but some blood still come out.I have apt with surgeon tomorrow,want to hear second opinion.

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Small opening after otoplasty

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You might have a small stitch abscess.  This can be fairly easily remedied in the office.  I agree with your current treatment.  I'm sure your doctor will take care of it.

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