Small Hernia After Central Pancreatectomy?

I had a central Pancreatectomy in 2008, & 2 incisional hernia repairs in 2010. I believe I have another small inscional hernia. There is no bulge & my Dr couldnt palate anything. I have a sharp pain in the area of the surgery when bending or bearing down. An U/S did not show anything. I am otherwise a symptomatic. My 2 hernias presented with a similar pain, but as they were fairly large, i saw a bulge quickly. What is the best imaging study to diagnose a small hernia?

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Small Hernia After Central Pancreatectomy?

I would obtain a CT or MRI of the anteior abdominal wall.  Not all hernias are palpable.  That is why sophisticated imaging techniques are required to determine their presence.

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Hernia diagnosis

The best study to evaluate a hernia is a ct scan. I hope that it hasn't recurred for you. 

Stephen M. Chen, MD
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Small Hernia After Central Pancreatectomy?

A CT scan is the standard for evaluation for hernias that are otherwise difficult to diagnose. All the best

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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