Is a Small Hard Bump on the Side of my Nose Normal After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty only 8 days ago so I'm aware it's too soon to draw any final conclusions, but when I washed my face I noticed a very hard small bump on the left side of my nose on the bone, only a slight distance away from my eye region. It was not there prior to my surgery and is sore. It's only on one side. The bump is not visible, but I'm VERY concerned the bump may become visible once the swelling subsides. My nose was broken by the doctor, to remove a dorsal hump.

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Small Hard Bump on Side of Nose after Rhinoplasty

You are probably feeling the line where bone was cut to reposition the nasal bones after the hump was removed. Although this may be palpable, it is not visible and is rarely a problem after the fractures heal.  

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Rhinoplasty bump


Feeling bumps 8 days after a rhinoplasty is fairly normal assuming it's not the bony edge.  If it is, there may be some swelling over it and that will resolve.  The bottom line is that after rhinoplasty your surgeon feels exactly what it's going to look like in the future but after 8 days swelling starts to build up and what you're feeling is not what he felt during shaping.  The swelling takes months to go away so for now, you're much better off not even thinking about it (let alone feeling it).  Just assume that if you touch it, it'll swell more.  That being said, tell your surgeon about it.  He may not reoperate but at least it'll be on his mind. 
Of note, some say that silicone strips over the skin of the rhinoplasty can help reduce the swelling in the area.  Just food for thought but something that I would do if I had just had the surgery.  Let me know if you have any questions.


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Is it normal to feel a small hard bump on side of nose after rhinoplasty?

A new small sore bump like you describe may be an edge of one of your osteotomies (controlled bone fracture lines). The bone in this area has to heal and in the meantime you may feel a bump like you describe. 

Check with your surgeon to make sure it is normal, however. 

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Rhinoplasty bump

At 8 days post operative, you are way too early to be concerned about the bump. My guess is that you are feeling the edge of your osteotomy (bone cuts) and these usually are not visable after everything is healed and the swelling has resolved. If there is a visable issue here once the swelling has resolved, this can usually be resolved as a small "touch up" procedure later.  I would wait several months before being concerned.

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Bump of nose

At 8 days after a rhinoplasty, it is way too early to say whether or not that will resolve.  You have to give it time to heal.  Any irregularities can be filed down at a later time once things have healed.

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