I have a small gap between my teeth. What is my best option? (photo)

I've noticed it's getting larger with the passing of time. Is tooth bonding a good option. I like the rest of my teeth and have never had a cavity or other dental work in my life. I don't think I need braces so, I don't want to go down that route. What's my best option?

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I have a small gap between my teeth. What is my best option?

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The first question that you should discuss with your dentist IS WHY your teeth are drifting, causing a space in between them?  If you have an unstable bite, and you fix the space with bonding or orthodontics, then the space could certainly reappear.
Given you have a stable bite (occlusion), you wouldn't need braces to close the gap.  You would be a perfect candidate (in my opinion, based on what I see in the photo) for Invisalign orthodontics.  The space would probably be corrected in just a few months.  However, you would need to continually wear a retainer, probably at night, to keep the space from opening up again.
Another technique, one that you would probably prefer, is closing the gap with direct resin bonding.  This can usually be done in just one appointment, would probably not even need any local anesthetic (Novocain), and would be less costly than orthodontics. 

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Best Alternative For Small Space Between Two Front Teeth

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Two conservative options would be cosmetic bonding, or using a retainer to retract the two teeth slightly and close the space if your bite with the lower teeth would allow the movement.  Either way you may want to get a removable retainer to wear part time at night to prevent more shifting as time passes.

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