Loose Chin/Neck Skin - What Are my Options?

I Have 2 Small Folds of Loose Skin Under my Chin/neck Area, Its Very Minimal, What to Do?

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Options for loose chin/neck skin

Loose skin underneath the neck can only be treated with a face/neck lift.  It is best not to perform this procedure if the excess skin is only very minimal at this point.  Wait until there is enough excess skin to make having a facelift worthwhile.  There is no other ways to remove excess skin on the neck without performing a face/neck lift.  

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Neck lift with or without facelift for saggy neck skin

Without a photo or face to face exam it is impossible to say what you should or could do or even know exactly what the problem is. The range of possibilities include liposuction, an isolated neck lift to a full facelift. If it is really minor some noninvasive approaches like thermage or smartlipo may suffice.

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Chin and neck skin

Without having more of a history and photos at least it is very difficult to comment on this question.

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