I Am a Small D Cup. But Want to Be a Few Cup Sizes Bigger, Perhaps DD. Can Fat Transfer with Brava Increase Me to This Size?

I unfortunately don't have pictures at the moment but I am size 12/14 jean size and have extra fat around my waist. I have heard about fat grafting increasing size about 1 cup. Are the new techniques with brava able to increase more and if so how much by?

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Bashing & discouraging this scientifically proven beneficial device is a disservice to women

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There is clearly an urgent need to dispel misinformation and to clarify scientific facts about Brava.
This information is brought to "Realself" by a plastic surgeon who has done award winning scientific research on Brava and has treated more than one thousand women with this amazing device.

1-  Contrary to what the "experts" are writing, Brava does not "stretch skin" at all. Brava is a VOLUMETRIC expander not a surface expander.
2-  Droopy breasts have a surface envelope is too large for the inside contents.
3-  Brava applies an external traction that goes directly through the already loose skin to stretch expand the tight contents.
4-  Numerous studies have shown that Brava actually expands the tissues inside, not the skin.
5-  This volumetric expansion makes room for much more micro fat grafts that an expert surgeon can meticulously inject with less crowding.
6-  In addition to the volume effect, studies have shown that Brava also significantly increases the blood circulation and fertilizes the breast in order to markedly improve the survival of the fat grafts.
7-  This is why with proper use of Brava prior to grafting women can expect a TWO CUP size increase after just ONE GRAFT.
8-  While "experts" recommend two grafting procedures in order for the women to achieve their desired size, with Brava an expert surgeon can give women their desired breast size in just one operation.
9-  Bashing and discouraging the use of this scientifically proven beneficial device is a disservice to women.

Brava and breast fat grafts. Does it work?

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My experience with Brava has not been favorable and I will say no more.   Fat grafts to breasts may or may not work.  Fat grafts cost more than implants.  Fat grafts to breasts may require 3 to 5 procedures and no guarantees.    Fat grafts to breasts produce micro calcifications. Fat grafts may not take.  Fat grafts may be asymmetrical.  Fat grafts to breasts may be lumpy. If you can get by all this and tolerate the Brava program the fat to your breasts may or may not be successful.   Fat grafting requires additional surgery to obtain the fat.    And on and on.   Have an implant and save yourself the hassle of fat grafting your breasts.   My Best,  Dr C

Big changes with fat transfer to the breast

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big changes typically are not possible. For instance going up 2 cup sizes is generally not practical. Fat transfer to the breast is best performed as an add-on if you're having why the section for body contouring. It is a waste to throw away fat and not utilize it but performing fat transfer to the breast as a primary procedure for breast enhancement has underwhelming results. I perform this procedure pre-frequently but it is always with the understanding that it's a nice and subtle enhancement but not a significant change to your overall look particularly when wearing clothes.

I hope that is helpful

Chase Lay, MD

double board certified facial plastic surgeon

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 80 reviews

Fat injection Breast Augmentation for Two Cup Sizer increase

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The real value of the Brava device in fat grafting to the breast is to stretch out tight skin to accommodate the added fat volume and not 'compress' it after surgery. In breasts that already have some size and adequate skin, the Brava device is not needed. Your biggest issue is to understand that jumping several cup sizes with a single session of fat grafting is not usually possible. One cup size is a reasonable change with one fat injection surgery. You would ideally need two fat injection surgeries to go two cup sizes. 

Avoid the Brava at All Cost!!! Brava Ensures Unaesthetic Results in Breast Augmentation!!! It is acceptable for reconstruction

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Be careful with heavily advertised products and devices.  The Brava works by creating a vacuum and stretching the skin.  It sounds like you have too much skin already and you just need fill in which case fat grafting should work out great without complicating it with other devices. 


Look carefully at any before and after pictures of primary breast augmentation where the Brava was used and you will ALWAYS see the DEFORMITIES of : enlarged areola, breast tissue herniating through areola and strange tubular shape to the breasts.  DO NOT BECOME ANOTHER VICTIM OD MARKETING!!!  I hope this helps!


All the best,


Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Fat transfer for breast augmentation

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Our work with and without brava suggest that it probably has very limited value in woman who have adequate skin laxity which I would guess you probably have.  The biggest issue with fat transfer for breast augmentation is the variability of the result compared with implants.  However, the advantage is a completely natural looking and feeling breast that is your own tissue.  With adequate fat to transfer you can achieve significant size increase it may take a second transfer to get you to the size you desire

Mark Glasgold, MD
Highland Park Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 47 reviews

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