Too Small Compression Garment?

I recently had SMART liposuction on my abdomen and inner thighs. The corset garment was way too small for me. As a result I have 2 large bubbles of skin where it protruded from the corset garment. These are located on both of my inner thighs and are the size of a small stapler. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get rid of these skin bubbles?

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Compression garment

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The compression garment is supposed to be snug, to help with swelling and bruising. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions on how long to wear it.

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Compression Garment

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The corset garment should be tight but not to the point where it is cutting into your inner thighs. I would suggest you contact your board certified plastic surgeon for a follow up visit. After the third week you can switch your garment to a softer material, like Spanx. Also I would suggest lipomassage and lymphatic massage to help improve blood circulation, lymphatic flow, and to speed up healing post op.

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