I Had a Small Chin Implant a Long Time Ago and Now the Scar Tissue Seems to Have Hardened Around It?

If I have the implant removed, but leave the scar tissue in for augmentation, would the problem still exist? i.e would the scar tissue still feel unconfortable? Its been fine for about 17 years, but now it feels too uncomfortable to forget about. Thanks

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Chin Implant

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One needs to know the shape of the chin implant you have. I quess you had a small oval shaped implant (Old implants) the scar and hardening is capsular contracture.

To remove such implants, the capsule or the scar needs to come out as well because it may not stick together and the chin will be very mobile and may droop.

With the beard you are hiding the chin or lack of projection.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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