If I have a 1.5 Year Old Chin Implant Removed Will Face Return to Its Original Shape?

I feel that my smile is unnatural and my bottom lip looks too tight. I feel I've given enough time to adjust to it and am just not that pleased. If I have it removed will my chin go back to it's original shape and how long for this? I'm thinking of having it removed and just getting a filler injected in this area to add projection. Thank you

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If you're dissatisfied with your Chin Implant, you can have it removed.

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If you have a silastic (rubberized silicone) chin implant, and you're not pleased after living with it for 18 months, you can have it removed. Your chin should look similar to your pre-op appearance after it's removed. Since you're concerned about your smile after the implant was placed, you may want to live with no implant for a while. Then you could proceed with another implant or an Injectable Filler treatment after you're comfortable with your smile.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Results after Chin Implant Removal

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Hi jnnibck,

Chin implants are a great option to help augment the chin and balance the face. However, some patients request removal of the silicone implant for many reasons. Generally, the chin and face should return back to its pre-implant condition. However, the final appearance can be quite variable. Options to re-augment the chin after implant removal could be a sliding genioplasty (chin bone advancement) or filler injections. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a facial surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


Removing a chin implant can result in witches chin deformity

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Since you have had a chin implant for as long as you have, the soft tissues in your chin have responded to the pressure and increased volume of your chin.  You now have some extra tissue that must be accounted for when removing an implant.  Failure to do this can result in a witches chin deformity where there is a prominent crease under your chin and sagging of the chin.  You may need to have a smaller implant put in or have a sliding genioplasty done at the same time, particularly if you have a fairly large implant.

Tissue Adaptation After Chin Implant Removal

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Whether your chin tissues will return to normal after implant removal depends on how big the implant is and where on the bone it was placed. By your description, I suspect that the implant is riding high on the chin bone and this happens commonly if the implant was placed intraorally. (through the mouth) This could also affect your smile and make the upper chin area feel stiff. You may benefit by implant repositioning rather than removal if the implant is really too high. If it is a relatively small implant then its removal will not cause the chin tissues to sag afterwards. This will not be the case if the implant is of any size and it is located in the proper position low on the chin bone.

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