Small Burn Scar Removal Specialist Recommendation in LA Area?

I got a 20 years old burn scar on my forehead between my eyebrows. It's kind of irregular triangular shape, within 1cm x 1cm area. Color is normal. You can clearly see a dent which is about 1-2 mm deep. I'm wondering if there is non-surgical procedures that can heal it. Or if surgical procedure is required, how long is the healing period? And what about the cost for such procedures. I had an consultation with one surgeon 3 years ago. the price to fix it was 750. What about now? Thank you.

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Treatment of burn scars on the forehead

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There are many elements of a burn scar that can be improved. I would recommend the fractional co2 laser by DEKA to improve surface texture of a burn scar. This works quite well in most cases. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Brun Scar Recommendations

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Hi K9.  It would be easier to make a recommendation after we see the scar, but in most cases, burn scars in our practice would be treated with Sciton Profractional laser resurfacing.  If the scar is colored and textured, we might also consider another laser for color but we would need to revisit that issue once seeing the scar.  

When addressing scar revision (and especially burn scars), it's important to keep in mind that the outcome would most likely be improvement rather than removal.  You mentioned in your question above that the other doctor was going to "fix it".  Fix is a relative term because improvement is the goal.

We are in Los Angeles and Orange County and would be happy to provide a free  consultation.  See the link below for our website.  

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