Small Bumps to the Nose, Have I Affected my Final Results?

Its almost been 3months since my op and in the first few weeks I unfortunately incurred a few bumps to the nose. None of the times my nose bled or changed shape that I noticed just a sharp pain but when i visited my surgeon 6weeks post op and shared my concerns he replied I have to wait a year to see if I have done any damage... So I've now got to spend a year letting this eat me up inside!!! Is the nose really that fragile, that it might have moved from the odd tap? I had open rhinoplasty but no grafts

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Light taps or bumps on the nose after rhinoplasty usually do not do damage

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Hearing that my post-rhinoplasty patients have incurred injury to their noses is never fun.  If you've been examined by your surgeon after these incidents, and there was no obvious displacement, chances are that you're just fine.  As others have said, you will have to wait it out for the final verdict, but I wouldn't stress.

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Small bumps to nose after rhinoplasty

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Light bumps to the nose should probably not affect the final result. But you will have to wait over time to see how it heals.

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Small Bumps to the Nose, Have I Affected my Final Results?

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Dear Distressed,

Thank you for your question.  Most likely you are just fine.  Even though you get your final result from rhinoplasty at about a year, at three months, most of the shape is there except for some residual swelling in the nasal tip, mainly.  If you do not notice a change at this point, then you probably do not have any appreciable damage. 

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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