Small Bump on Tip of Nose 14 Days After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have a small bump at the bottem of the tip of my nose 14 days after a revision rhinoplasty and wonder if it is of concern or if it will go away over time. The bump is right above where the incision was made under the nose and it is only on one side. I see my doctor in 2 more weeks and he had mentioned something about doing an injection into the main tip area if it was still bulbous at that time. Could I get an injection into this area as well to make the bump go away.

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Bump on nose, Revision Rhinoplasty, post op

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If the wound has separated at the corner of the incision then it should be repaired sooner than later.  If there is just some swelling there that is probably due to the very recent revision surgery .  Depending on your skin thickness this bump may settle with time and may take months.  If it fails to settle out at all then perhaps some steroid.  Massage, time and an eval with the original surgeon is very important.  If there is a wound that came apart at the corner and gives the appearance of a bump then it needs to be fixed.

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