Small Bump on the Nose From Injury- Is It Permanent?

I got hit in the nose the other day by the top if my dogs head. It never bled or really even hurt i heard a small cracking sound and assumed it was cartilage shifting. I iced it went to the doc who said it all looked fine but never x-rayed it. I now have a very minor bump on one side where the cartilage connects to the bone its a bit higher than the other side. Will this go away? Its been over three weeks and I think its getting smaller people don't notice it but I still can tell its a bit off.

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Bump to Nose

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It is possible that you have a small fracture. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon immediately for a second examination and xray.  If the fracture is displaced it may still be reduced and treated via a closed reduction at this time.  The fracture has only begun to heal so don't wait more than a day or two because if surgery is required it will be a bigger procedure.

Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

Bump to nose

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You could have sustained a small fracture and the ultimate change will remain to be seen. If the injury has not yet begun to heal, you may be a candidate for closed reduction so I encourage you to see a board certified plastic surgeon or ENT as soon as possible. Otherwise this can be corrected later. Early closed reduction can be performed in the surgeon's office under local anesthesia whereas a delayed procedure would require sedation.

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