I Have a Small Bump Under my Left Eye That I Noticed 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty Surgery. When Will This Go Away?

Today is exactly 1 month after my rhinoplasty surgery and the bump is still there, I showed my surgeon and he said it would PROBABLY go away within the year. Will it go away? It is a sharp ball like bone under my left eye.

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Rhinoplasty with a bump

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-It could be the edge of the bone after resetting the nasal bones

-If the bump persists, it can be shaved down after 6-12 months

-Waiting for the swelling to go down is a good idea because it tells the surgeon when we can stop bringing the bump down...if there is excessive swelling, it is not as accurate

-If it is something that is felt, and not seen, don't worry too much about it, you should be taken care of when the time is right

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