Can Small Brown Spots Caused by a TCA Peel Disappear?

3 weeks ago, I had a 23% tca on my whole face, and With a 45% tca peel the doctor also touched rapidly and precisely some of my ice peek scars. Where the 45 % tca peel was applied, some small crusts formed and then fell after 8 - 10 days. What worries me today is that under these crusts the skin was browner, and those brown spots are still there today. What should I do? Is it going to disappear eventually? thank you for your advices

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Chemical Peels: Common Problems

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Chemical peels that involve the treatment of the dermis (area of skin below the epidermis) have the capability to stimulate the melanocytes of the skin (the cells that allow for you to tan). The severity of the hyperpigmentation is determined by your natural skin color/type, any pre-treatment that may have been conducted, and if there was any compromise in postoperative healing. Please make certain to avoid sun exposure to these given areas and discuss them with your physician.

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