Small Anatomical Implants for Tuberous Breasts?

I'm having breast augmentation surgery to correct my small (symmetrical) tuberous breasts. I do not want much upper pole fullness or projection. I want my breasts to stay quite small and have a very natural slope. My doc (who specialises in breast rconstruction) has ordered Mentor 220cc silicone gel anatomical implants. He says they will not rotate if the pocket is the right size. Many docs on this site seem sceptical about anatomicals/textured. Are these implants right for my condition?

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Tuberous Breast Correction Requires More Than Implants

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If you truly have tuberous breasts, simply augmenting with any implant won't fix the problem.  Tuberous breasts require almost a more reconstructive procedure along with implants.  Tuberous breasts have breast tissue that has herniated into the areola which causes the nipples to be puffy.  This defect needs to be corrected for a nice result.  Tuberous breasts also usually need the nipple/areola to be moved up like in a mastopexy or breast lift because there is proportionally too much skin length above the areola compared to the distance from the areola down to the inframammary fold.  Without fixing these 2 issues, I don't think you'll have a good result no matter what implant is used.

Hendersonville Plastic Surgeon

Implants for Tuberous Breasts

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Without the benefit of pictures, some general thoughts:

  tuberous breasts correction usually involves releasing a tightened infra-mammary fold area;

 expanding the soft tissues; 

 sometimes doing some work n the nipple-areola area.

Some can be treated with implants, others require tissue expansion, this is all dependent on what you are starting with. Good Luck in this undertaking. J. Vicent Poblete, MD, FACS, Avon Lake, OH

J. Vicente P. Poblete, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

Teardrop implants for tuberous breasts

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Tuberous breast deformity involves a constricting ring that grows around the breast base. This ring stops the horizontal and/or vertical expansion of the breast, leading to constricted appearance with large areolas and irregular nipples. Surgery is necessary to release constricted tissue, and implants may be placed to enhance volume. 

The choice of implants depends on your body and a variety of measurements. Teardrop implants may be suitable for you, however you can see another experienced board certified plastic surgeon for a second opinion.

Small anatomical implants for tuberous breasts?

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Thank you for your question!  The standard procedure would be placement of an implant (or tissue expander, depending on the lower pole of your breast) as well as a circumareolar breast lift.  These modalities would correct the issues with tuberous breast: constricted breast at the inferior pole, via breast prosthetic; scoring of the tissue to release the bands; lowering the inframammary fold; correcting the herniation of breast tissue into the areolae; and decreasing the overall size of the areolae.  These are the hallmarks of tuberous breasts.  You could likely get great results with an implant and possible breast lift.  The anatomically-shaped implants are excellent and sound as if they would be a great choice to meet your desires.  

Consult with a plastic surgeon well-versed in breast surgery and discuss your goals and expectations.  S/he will then be able to examine and discuss the various options and assist you in deciding which decision os the right one for you, given your desires.  I would expect a very pleasing result for you!  Hope that this helps!  Best wishes for a wonderful result!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Your specific measurements and body type should drive implant choice

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Your specific breast measurements and body type should drive implant choice.  Both the anatomic and round could work well but its actual selection must be driven by the details of your breast measurements.

Chen Lee, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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Textured anatomic implants

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Your question  as it pertains to your particular problem  is a hard one to answer without more clinic information (photos, correct diagnosis, etc)  But in general, I find that anatomic implants don't make quite the difference that is touted because once the body recognizes a foreign body (i.e implant) it will immediately begin to wall it off into a capsule which will often contort the anatomic implant to lose it's shape during the encapsulation process. I find that round implants are easier to put in, with less chance for malposition due to its symetric shape.  By no means do I think an anatomic implant in your case is unwarrented. Best of luck to you.

George Min, MD
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon
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