Small Amount of Pus 2 Days Post Smartlipo Chin- Normal?

Hi there, I had smartlipo on my chin Thurs afternoon. I have experience very little pain and no bruising! :) I saw my doctor on Friday pm and she said all looked great and told me to continue wearing my compression garmet and finish up with my antibiotics (reflex 2x per day) until Monday. Today I noticed when I was adjusting my compression garmet that there was a small amount of pus developing a the surgical site. Nothing is oozing and there is no noticeable redness, should I be concerned?

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You need to get back to your doctor. Infectiion is rare with smart lipo. This could be a little fat or just superficial surface wound infection requiring local treatment

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Pus after liposuction

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Infection is very rare with liposuction.  Are you sure it was pus and not a little fat or irritation of the incisoin? If you are not sure, you should definitely contact your doctor to be evaluated.

No amount of pus is normal.

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While this may resolve very quickly with appropriate treatment, the presence of pus represents an infection of some sort.  It warrants the attention of your surgeon.  I would call the office immediately and discuss what is going on.  If you were my patient, I would want to examine you myself as soon as we could get you in the office.  In some offices the nurse doing post operative care or your surgeon might initially handle this over the phone.  Provided it is not getting worse, that might be a reasonable option.  However, please call your surgeon and let them know what is going on immediately and see what their directions are.

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