Does a Sluggish Adrenal Gland Affect Zerona Results?

I've seen this chiropractor who offers zerona treatmens,after only 1 treatment,& on the 2nd office visit I was measured. there werent significant results I was then told to take Dietary supplements such as DSF formula & L-Carnitine for 1 1/2 weeks for sluggish Adrenal gland before I could resume the zerona treatmnts. If zerona works Why then should I have to take any supplements? I paid upfronte $2500.00 NO REFUNDS I feel its a bait & switch scam to furtherbusiness for his chiropractic office.

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Got scammed with Zerona?

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The best method to reduce body fat is to optimize your nutrition and exercise. Everyone knows this and different levels of effort, discipline and results are observed. Despite the efforts of many patients, it can still difficult for many to achieve reductions in fat in certain body areas without resorting to surgery. Liposuction remains the most effective strategy for healthy patients near their ideal weight to permanently reduce localized fat.  

Although Zerona uses a diode laser and wavelength of light that is traditionally not thought to penetrate deep enough to have an effect on fat cells, the studies submitted and approved by the FDA tell a different story. The effects of low level laser energy appear to be taking place in a manner other than by the light being absorbed by a chromophore(target) or pigment. The pivotal study performed on Zerona evaluated patients that did not take supplements and did not change their lifestyle. The patients that received Zerona realized measurable reductions in their measurements over those that received placebo. In fact the outcomes were similar or better than many other technologies approved or pending FDA approval for non-invasively reducing fat. Comparing the Zerona technology, protocol and treatment to the bar code scanner is humorous but misleading and unfair.

Zerona does not destroy fat cells but appears to simply mobilize the stored fat. If you are not burning calories effectively during your treatment series then these same fat cells will re-accumulate any fat that was mobilized. Your need to be in a stable, or preferably a negative calorie balance to achieve results with this treatment is just common sense.

Do the research yourself then seek out a reputable specialist that will explain the limitations, the alternatives and determine if this is an option for you. Shady business practices and financial policies need to be identified before you pay.  If you are realistic and educated before having any procedure or treatment then there is less chance of feeling "scammed" if your results are disappointing. As for the various supplements recommended - they may be helpful but have little science supporting their benefits and their contribution to the final result.

Dr. Mosher

Got Scamd Complains About Bait and Switch Scam from Chiropratic Zerona Treatment

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Hi got Scammed,

Sorry that you did not read any of my posts about Zerona.  You are not alone.  The 635 nm laser that "makes holes in fat cells" is scientifically known to be unable to penetrate through the skin to create the effects that the perpetrators of Zerona claim.  Without the dietary supplement Curva, diet, exercise, and questionable measuring techniques, the red laser used to read bar codes in the grocery store is just that.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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