Pimple gone wrong or infected of nose tip? Got nose done 16 mths ago, but I don't think my current problem is related. (photos)

About 2 week ago I noticed redness and soreness on the tip of my nose (felt like a underskin pimple). It was not swollen, but you could see that the tip was bigger and the puss was inside.When it was ready I popped it with a sterile needle and a LOT of puss came out as I squeezed (liquid, not like in pimple). Next day more came puss out. After that I left it to heal itself. Pictures show my current state. Tip of the nose its not sore to touch, only if I touch it directly with nail.

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Recovery from rhinoplasty: addressing pimples on the nose

Recovering from rhinoplasty is a healing process. When you get pimples on your nose, it is best NOT to pop them. If any pimples get large or create swelling of your nose, it is best to see your surgeon. While your nose is healing, an infection can spread faster causing more issues for your nose. This is particularly true if you have an implant in your nose. Your surgeon may drain the infection for you or start you on antibiotics to get you back on track. Safety comes first. 

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