Long face to cute slim and short? (Photos)

I took lot of genes after my father and i struggle with more problems but my main is, that i think i look like a man. Many people said i always look angry when in reality, im just having calm expression on. My face is long and wide for a girl i think and recently Im thinking about plastic surgery...but i want to know if its really possible to change my face in a way that it wouldnt look fake.

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Youthful and feminen look

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With a little finger tipps of a plastic surgeon you might change a lot and it will help you not to feel anymore like a man.

My suggestion is that following treatments will effect a female appearance on you:

- A rhinoplasty to reshape your nose
- neck liposuction to make it thinner
- removing fat from the bichat's and than your own fat will be used to inject it into your lips, chin and cheeks

for a youthful and feminen look.

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