Sloushing Sound Post Breast Implants?

I am six weeks post op for breast surgery and I can still feel the sloshing under my left breast when I do the routine massaging. I can also feel something toward my lower inner side of my left breast. I am wondering if that's normal or if it will go away. I had paid more to get silicone done to prevent the rippling effect but now feeling it at only six weeks I fear that it will get worst. If there is sloshing, how come it only happen to one side?

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Sloshing after implants

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Fluid can occur around implants, and at six weeks it may be a developing seroma. You should have it checked out by your surgeon.

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Sloshing sound post breast implants

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Early after surgery patients often experience odd sounds that tend to resolve within a few weeks...this far out from your surgery, you may have some fluid (seroma) around one of your to check with your surgeon and get examined.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
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