Why Would I Not Have Gone Through the Sloughing After Pearl Laser Treatment?

I had Pearl Laser Treatment on my neck 7 days ago. I have not had any visible sloughing, and the redness is going away. Does this mean the treatment will not be effective?

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Pearl Laser

In my opinion the treatment must have been very mild. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

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No peeling 7 days after Pearl


Don't worry if you haven't peeled yet.  Pearl is a great treatment for the neck.  The neck generally takes much longer to get peely and peel than the face would....sometimes 10-14 days.  Sometimes it is a very mild peeling or flaking that occurs where the skin just feels a bit rough and then when you're in the shower it may slowly come off it very small bits.  Amount of peeling may also depend on the strength or aggressiveness of your treatment.  Very light treatments may have very minimal peeling and reaction. Remember also that the Pearl continues to improve the skin from a much deeper level for months following treatment by stimulating and building your own collagen. These changes occur so slowly they can be imperceptible but they do happen. Hang in there.

Good luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens 

Grant Stevens, MD
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The Pearl

The Pearl is an excellent treatment for the neck.  Do not worry if the skin does not slough, it doesn't always do that.  Also, there are changes going on underneath your skin that you cannot see.  These take several months.  Be patient.  The Pearl is a procedure that almost everyone is very happy with.

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