Sloshing on Saline Filled / Post Op 5 Days, Is this Normal? Will it End Soon?

I have saline filled implants 5 days post op and i can hear the sloshing, is this normal and will this end or continue?

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It is normal to have sloshing around your implants after surgery.  Frequently there is a little post-operative fluid and old blood around the implant, which sounds like sloshing.  It will take your body several days to weeks to absorb this normal fluid. Be patient and it will eventually go away.

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Hearing "sloshing" 5 days post op Breast Augmentation Surgery

Thank you for your question.

Hearing "sloshing", "gurgling" sometimes does happen and probably has to do with fluid around breast implant.  It should go away within 2-3 weeks after surgery.  Keep your follow up appointments with your doctor and be patient, it should go away.

Best Wishes.

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Sloshing Sound after Breast Augmentation

This sound can be normal in the early postoperative period.  Air in the implant can cause this, but it usually resolves after a few weeks.  If it is persistant after several months, ask your surgeon about the possibility of residual air in the implant.

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Sloshing in a saline breast implant

Right after breast augmentation with a saline implant there may be a bit of air remaining in the implant, or a small amount of fluid on the out side. Both will be naturally absorbed within a few days and all will quiet down.

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Sloshing Sound

It is not uncommon to hear or feel some degree of "sloshing" after breast augmentation with saline implants. This is likely due to some fluid and air in the pocket around the implant and typically resolves within a few days after surgery. If it persists, please bring this up to your surgeon who will be in the best position to evaluate if there is another cause.

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Sloshing of Implants

This feeling should resolve in a few weeks.  However, if you have concerns, then you should talk with your surgeon.  I highly recommend silicone implants, as you have less variability with the implant in terms of air mixed in with the saline and feelings of water moving around.


Good Luck.

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Sloshing post op is normal

The sensation of sloshing after breast augmentation is normal. It is due to the implant moving around in the pocket which has air and fluid (blood) in it. The air and fluid usually gets absorbed by the body and the sloshing usually stops after a few weeks.

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