Can a Slipped Chin Implant Be Surgically Re-done After 2 Failed Attempts by 2 Different Doctors?

1st implant done 18 yrs ago & end pointed out below jaw line R side. 2nd implant did the same thing 2 wks post op. The doctor states it is calcium deposits, I disagree and believe it has also slipped. he is a Renowned, published PS. I also had a face lift with the second implant & am still swollen some at 9 wks. Can I have a 3rd implant with good results if screws are placed? I have a very week chin and like the results of the Med sz implant. I am very upset that this has happens. Please help.

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Can a chin implant be redone a 3rd time



I have helped patients in exacty this situation. I agree - screw fixation is critical in this circumstance.


You definitely have hope!

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Chin Implant Revision

Based on your history, it sounds as if the initial chin Implant pocket performed 18 years ago was too large.  In circumstances such as this, it is sometimes prudent to remove the implant and wait 6 weeks prior to reinsertion.  At this time, a new, more precise pocket can be developed.  Screw fixation of the implant can also be helpful.  However, based on a patient with two previously unsuccessful attempts, I would be more inclined to start from scratch.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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Chin Implant and chin augmentation


Dear Pinky77, Yes you should be able to have a successful chin implant placed even after two failed procedures. I do a lot of chin augmentation in my practice especially in combination with rhinoplasty procedures. I can say in my thirty years of experience that I have had little to no complications with implant procedures and a very high level of success and patient satisfaction. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Screw Fixation To Prevent Chin Implant Stability

As you have mentioned, the best way to make sure an implant does not move from the desired position is to screw it into place on the bone, sometimes with more than one screw. There is most certainly true and needed in a chin implant that has your history. There is no reason why you can not at some point have the existing or a new chin implant stabilized into the ideal position that you need.

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Slipped Chin Implant after 2 Attempts

     A chin implant should be able to be placed without slippage in one way or another.  Although fixation may not be necessary in precise pocket dissection, this may be reasonable in your situation.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Chin implant revisions

Chin implants can be surgically re-done and normally work very well.  I'm not sure what issues might be causing yours not to have stayed in place after two attempts.  It's possible the size and shape of the implant are not ideal for you.     

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Tertiary Revision Can Help

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty. Revsion can be performed safely and effectively. It is difficult to comment further without specifics. Seek further consulation in person.

George Bitar, MD
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