I've got slippage of my band and I'm putting on weight daily?

Will I ever be able to use the band again.

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Gaing weight with a slipped band

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People with a tight or slipped band can paradoxically gain weight. Why? They can't eat solid food, so they revert to eating liquid or slippery foods that go down easily. The band doesn't restrict restrict eating these foods so you can eat them in unlimited quantities.

You need an operation to fix this. Once a band has slipped, the odds of it slipping again are higher. Besides, why would you want to make the same mistake twice? This is your opportunity to get rid of the band and have an operation that works.

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Slipped Band Treatment and Weight Gain

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Slippage of a Band is one of the most common complications of adjustable gastric bands. When it slips it usually slides down and then you have too much stomach above the band. The symptoms of a slip are difficulty swallowing solid foods and severe heartburn. From my experience most patients with a slipped Band have difficulty eating and lose a lot of weight. Not sure why this would cause weight gain unless your doctor removed all of the fluid from your band to help fix the slip and you no longer have restriction. The treatment for a slipped band is to surgically remove and replace the band. Slippage can be dangerous and needs to be addressed by your surgeon.

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