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I'm 21 years old, 1.52cm (5'0) tall, 48kg (105.6 lbs) and I'm very disappointed with my face as it doesn't look as feminine as I want. I am seeking options to slim my face to have it more delicate and feminine. I think rhinoplasty + zygoma reduction + chin augmentation + jawline liposuction are the main procedures to achieve the best result. Please look at my picture and share any thoughts.

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Impossible to tell

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The only way to know what surgery suits you best, is to see a board certified facial plastic surgeon or general plastic surgeon in consultation.  Also, your photo hides too much of the face to really evaluate it.  You are suggesting major changes to your face at a very young age.  Be careful.  As you age, your face will thin.  It is often not a good idea to remove youthful tissues from the face.  Do yourself a favor.  Get a few opinions from qualified and experienced surgeons.  Do not hesitate to pay for a consultation to get a real opinion.

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