Can Slim Neck Benefit from Smart Lipo to Tighten the Skin?

I am a 55yo woman and slim of figure all my life. I have been getting Titan treatments for 6 yrs on a regular basis, so the skin is nice, its not a crepe-like texture. My dermatologist suggests some Slim Lipo tightening will be possible, but due to little fat in the area, I will not get as good a result as my 67yo heavier sister got. The doctor says there is very little data on this procedure for slim people, so results are largely unknown. Can it work for me?

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Lipo vs facelift

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It seems true that laser lipo tightens skin but, not to the degree that you need. A facelift is whar you should be considring.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction in slender necks is ill advised

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At 55, your jawline is showing signs of facial aging which are very typical.  These include jowls, and laxity of the neck muscles with a loss of the angularity of the neck.  These are things that a facelift is intended to fix (check photos).  Liposuction won't be of any value here and may make dents in the skin.

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