No Drainage After Slim Lipo

I had slim lypo 3 days ago and was told to expect a lot of drainage. I have had none. The pads inserted into my compression garment are totally dry. I also look exactly the same size.Why would this be?

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Drainage after liposuction is not unusual

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When a lot of tumescent numbing solution is used for liposuction procedures, it often drains out through small incisions for a day or two. If most of the solution was suctioned out, then there won't be much drainage.

Drainage after lipo

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If you post before and after pictures, we can give you more specific advice.  While most people drain after liposuction, some people do not.  Did they put sutures in the incisions or leave them open.  For our patients, we leave the very small incisions open so that you can properly drain.  If you do not drain, there is a small chance that you can get water / swelling collections under your skin that would be needed to remove the fluid.  However, without knowing exactly what procedure you had or examining you in person, we cannot give you specific advice.  I would suggested if you have any concern that you contact your surgeon.


Good Luck.

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