Slim Lipo - Incisions and Results?

i really want sculpt my abdomen usually from the middle and a little on the sides.I want to know if my waist is more than 30 inches i wont see results if i do slim lipo? where are the incisions usually made bc i dont want visible scars? How is the procedure done?

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Slim Lipo Incisions Well Hidden Results Excellent on Abdomen

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Thank you for your question.

Slim Lipo incisions for the abdomen can be hidden inside the"belly button" and two tiny ones can be placed beneath your Bikini line.

Laser liquefies the fat so smaller cannulae can be used requiring smaller incisions.

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Slim Lipo, Smart Lipo, PAL Lipo incisions

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Liposuction Scars - number and location - this answer applies for Slim Lipo, Smart Lipo, PAL and other Liposuction techniques.
Over the years the number of incision sites have decreased  without compromise of results. There is no absolute number of incisions that need to be made - just enough to give the best result which will vary from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon. Incisions sites for liposuction are typically very small and made in stealth areas - that is hidden as much as possible. For example inside the belly button, umbilicus, to approach the upper and lower abdomen, just at the pubic hair line for the lower tummy and pubis area, in the groin crease for the inside of the thighs (medial thighs), at the gluteal, buttock, crease for the lower back, in the breast crease for the fat beneath your arm (lateral chest wall), in the crease below your chin for liposuction of the neck. I also like to place them at the edge of a tattoo or in an existing scar (for example C-Section or appendectomy, or mole removal scar) so that they are hidden, or use the open area from an additional surgery I may be doing. For example, during a tummy tuck incisions are made to do liposuction in the area of redundant skin to be removed so that there are no extra scars.

SlimLipo™ removes unwanted fat and reduces skin sagging to create smoother contours.

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SlimLipo™ uses a specific laser wavelength to melt unwanted fat so it can be more easily removed. Not only does SlimLipo™ remove unwanted fat, but it also reduces skin sagging to create smoother contours. The incision will be made where you choose to have SlimLipo™, however the fat is removed through micro cannulas, decreasing post-procedure bruising, scarring, and swelling.  This technology’s body sculpting laser selectively targets fat and dermal tissue with dual wavelengths. One wavelength melts the fat while the other wavelength targets and stimulates collagen. For more information about SlimLipo™ please contact a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area with experience performing SlimLipo™.

D. Scott Karempelis, MD
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

Slim Lipo Incisions and Results

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It sounds like you might be a good candidate for Slim Lipo, which I remain excited about after almost a year's  time of utilization. The incisions are very small (two to three mm on average) and while there is a visible scar it is usually not objectionable and they can be placed in discreet locations. A 30-inch abdomen does not preclude Slim Lipo unless all of your fat accumulation happens to be intra-abdominal (which can be easily determined by your plastic surgeon). I would reccommend a consultation with a surgeon currenly offering Slim Lipo. I do believe Slim Lipo offers significant skin tightening as compared to traditional liposuction. A consultation will help you determine what will work best for you.

Deason Dunagan, MD
Huntsville Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction Incisions

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You would benefit from any type of lipo - traditional, Slim, Smart...  For all of the procedure the incision are hidden in your bellybutton and also your natural skin creases which are hidden by your panties.  My suggestion is that on the day of surgery you bring in your panties or bikini bottom so that the surgeon can make sure to strategically hide your incisions.  Most incisions heal without much notice anyway.  Good luck.

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