Slim Lipo Vs. Lipotherme for Skin Tightening?

Which is better for skin tightening, Slim Lipo or Lipotherme?

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Skin tightening with laser lipo is not established.

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There are various types of "laser" lipo that claim that the thermal damage that is a collateral of the treatment "tightens" the skin.  The same claim was made with ultrasonically assisted liposuction.  After many cases using both modalities, I am not convinced that there is much difference over conventional liposuction alone.  I have not used the dual beam laser so there might be some advantage there, but heat is heat so I'm not sure why it would work much better.  For now, laser assisted liposuction has theoretical merit but clinically the results are not firmly established.

SlimLipo has 2 laser wavelengths-924 for fat and 975 for skin tightening-Lipotherme has one 980

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The Slimlipo uses a dual wavelength laser system designed for maximum fat dissolving and skin tightening. The 924nm wavelength is the only wavelength specifically absorbed by fat and is most effective at fat dissolving. The SlimLipo 975nm wavelength is specifically absorbed by water in the fibrous bands and dermis that are responsible for skin tightening. The Lipotherme uses only one wavelegth, the 980nm which is specifically absorbed by water.

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